New — legendary

New — legendary

Təzə Bazar, New bazar – a special place in Baku. The marketplace with long history preserves national traditions and always looks into the future. Today it is being rebuilt – to start a new history of Baku’s bazars and of the city itself.

Bazar in the city

with centuries-long traditions of trade

Baku (Backow) on Anthony Jenkinson’s map. English-Dutch map of 1562 (London), with alterations in 1598 (Antwerpen)

V — in the place where East and West meet, at the intersection of great trade routes, the city of God is born – Baku.

VI — XVIII — Baku becomes the trading center of the Greater Caucasus. Lavish caravans go into all directions – from China to Western Europe.

XIX — XX — Azerbaijan experiences the oil boom. People flock to Baku and the city grows rapidly. Trade grows together with the city.

XX — in Soviet times, authorities attempt to regulate trade – and large marketplaces pop up in the city. One of the main and most vibrant ones – New Bazar.

XX — XXI — in the 1980s and 1990s many marketplaces deteriorate. Part of Təzə Bazar is turned into a black market, where one can buy anything – from caviar to firearms.

Bazar in the district

where you can find anything

The New Bazar is adjacent to the famous Kubinka district. Today it is a modern suburb, while in the past you could get lost between the narrow streets and small dwellings, and – at the same time – you could find anything here. Prior to the October revolution, here, at the New Bazar, the “Nina” printing house was concealed – which published the Bolshevik newspaper “Iskra”. In Soviet days, Baku locals came here to buy imported cigarettes, cassette players and jeans from black market merchants.

Bazar in the heart

of every local and tourist

In 2024 Təzə Bazar will turn into a major city square – the heart of modern Baku. Cafes and restaurants will appear alongside vibrant merchant stalls, as well as culinary school, children’s development center, crafts workshops, a flea market, green gardens and an urban vegetable garden. The new marketplace will become the country’s main showcase – where you will be able to find the best Azerbaijan has to offer.

The architecture of the new complex combines modern vision with respect to traditions. Təzə is an ultra-modern marketplace, which retains the charm and vibrancy of Baku’s old markets.

«We value the past and want to observe continuity. But a marketplace is not a museum. A genuine marketplace is always a reflection of a city, it's portrait. It is the center of everything important happening here and now»

From the interview with the Təzə Bazar team
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Təzə People — all begins with people

Prior to the marketplace opening its doors, it is launching a nationwide campaign to preserve Azerbaijan’s heritage, search for new talents and ideas.

Təzə People — is a community of ambassadors, which unites well familiar names and new ones. We look to support the marketplace’s main heroes – the merchants who keep the traditions of Baku’s oldest trading spot, as well as creating a platform for development of young talents. When construction finishes, they will be the ones to occupy the best stalls at the New Bazar.

The Təzə People festival is looking for those who create modern Azerbaijani culture and gastronomy: farmers, restaurateurs, craftsmen and producers. We will go on tour across the country and gather enthusiasts – to fill Təzə Bazar with new projects from all regions and historic settlements across the country.

Are you the one we are looking for?

Time to tell us about yourself

The Təzə People team accumulates ideas from Baku’s locals – to turn them into part of the new marketplace’s concept. We take all ideas – from how to set up bicycle parking spots to organizing events and festivals.

You know what the marketplace needs?

Tell us how we can make Təzə better

Təzələn! Be new!